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    SDC Web Site

    To advise all members of S.D.C. our web site now has a new look when one seeks active registry listings . Check it out you will find it easier to contact the manager . If you don't find the registry you are looking for contact me at and I will try to assist you .

    Old Fart Terry

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    Isn't "Old Fart" and being part of the SDC forum redundant?
    "Every man I meet on the street is superior to me in some respect, and from that I can learn."
    R.W. Emerson

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    VERY good, dleroux, very good!!!

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    Unhappy UNhappy camper...

    Not only did I NOT approve the use of my personal email address-- I NEVER even said I was still actually doing 'my' registry. And I didn't just say it in a PM, I actually said as much right here on this Forum. It's so back burner it's barely even on the stove. Ring a bell?

    Also- for the record- the listing for the registry in question is wrong too...

    Remove that email address, and put the proper one back NOW!!!
    I set it up for this specific purpose- and it's the only place I look for input.
    Not that I get any even after multiple listings in Turning Wheels.
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