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Thread: Farmall Super C needs a new home... $1800

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    Farmall Super C needs a new home... $1800

    I have come to terms with the fact that the new living arrangement do not allow me to keep a vehicle that has been in the family since the mid-90s. My Uncle bought this Farmall Super C to help out an old friend and intended to restore it. He got distracted and after passing away, wanted someone else to do something with it. When my wife and I relocated to a small piece of land in Pennsylvania, I brought the tractor there (originally sold and used in Texas) to satisfy my wife's decision to have a good size garden.

    Tractor is a Super C, which had some changes over the previous model, biggest thing being a water pump. Casting letters show the majority of the parts were done in December of 1952, but tractors are not really like cars - so models don't always associate themselves with years...

    Tractor comes with two pieces of equipment. Tractor person said the equipment alone was worth $500.

    First is a C-18 middle buster - tractor still has enough power to bury them both in the ground to where you can't see them and still push them through.

    Also there is a set of C-254 cultivators. Modern chemistry has replaced the system for getting rid of unwanted plants in between the rows, but this is how it was originally done.

    Since I hauled the tractor home, I have replaced the outside axle seals, had the generator rebuilt (re-builder wanted the regulator so he could "match" them), replaced hoses and belt, had the hydraulic pump rebuilt and the carburetor rebuilt. New battery bought last summer.

    It could probably use a starter rebuild (or may be a simple as a new switch), and when you work it pretty hard it will blow some oil out of the filler cap, so rings are pretty loose. Other than amp and oil gauge, others do not work. Front tires (with tubes) were brand new in 2010, and rear tires have almost no wear - always been out of the weather, so no sun damage. It has a couple scratches where a portable garage blew off it last summer, but other than that, it has "great tin."

    I modified a couple things to allow it have a receiver hitch for it to attach other things as needed.

    I cannot transport it, so anyone interested in buying, it will be your responsibility to get it back home. It is currently located in the Frankfort, Kentucky area. Tractor is small enough to fit in a regular garage with an 8' door. It is a great large garden tractor, and even saw one cultivating a tobacco field last summer, so some people still use them for regular farm work. Please message me on the forum if you have any questions or can't live without it.
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    Seriously, that is a nice tractor. I have no use for it, but I remember those well from my youth. Our tractor was a Ford so I had no actual seat time on one like yours.

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    1952 Commander 2 door. Really fine 259.

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