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Thread: 1966 Cruiser upgrading questions

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    1966 Cruiser upgrading questions

    I have a 66 cruiser with the 283 auto, 3:31twintraction rear end, power steering, brakes etc. Has anyone livened up a 283 ? If so how? or recommendations..... I do not want to take away from the history or originality of the car by putting in a different engine. Also how wide of a rim could I run in the rear? How big/ wide of rear tire could I run without rubbing on the fenders? 50/15 to big? I'm in need of a good set of fender fillers as well if anyone may have a set.


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    I had a daily driver 65 Cruiser with 283 Flightomatic and twin trac 3.07 that I drove for years. As far as I know the 283 had several aftermarket hop up stuff available. For everyday around town driving, so someone got ahead of me by 3 seconds until the next light when I caught up with them. Big deal. But as has been echoed around the forum lots of times: your car your choice.

    I am going to pick up a 66 Cruiser on March 18th.

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    In the mid-late 1980s I had a65 Daytona SS, with 283, FOM and 3.07 rear end. I still recall how butter smooth that 283 was. Its performance was about on par with a Stude 289. If I ever had another 65-66 Stude with 283, would not touch the motor. But that's just me.

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    You can always ad a 4bbl intake and carb to it. That will liven it up a little.

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    I put a 327 in my 66 Daytona along with a 4 speed but went with a 4 bbl carb & block hugger headers, dual exhaust & got great performance. If you keep the 283 I'd go with the 4 bbl & exhaust setup alone. That should get you better breathing both in & out.
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