Here's a opportunity for some of you to have your name inlights....well, not exactly, but follow me:
The SouthBend Tribune is preparing a 2017 International Meet SpecialSupplement section for distribution at the International Meet thisMay. This section of the Tribune will be a part oftheir daily newspaper being distributed to subscribers and readers during themeet. We do not know the day this "Special" section of thenewspaper will be distributed yet, but, here's the good part:
Weare looking for content for the 2017 International Meet Special Sectionfrom you, our faithful followers of the Forum. In particular, we are lookingfor the following:
· Content and pictures of unique Studebaker andrelated vehicles that will definitely be at the meet. It can be a storyabout a Weasel with a documented WWII story behind it, A Studebaker-assembledCurtiss-Wright engine you are bringing to the meet to display. Or,

· A pre-war Studebaker that might have beenpulled from a barn, restored or preserved that will definitely be at the meet.Or,

· A story of a family where three generations willbe attending the meet, own a Studebaker that has been kept for all thosegenerations, and is still being enjoyed by the original owner/son/daughter/grandson/granddaughter,thatwill definitely be at the meet. Or, · A Studebaker that has appeared in national TVadvertising with a storied past that will definitely be at the meet, andof interest to readers. Or,

· The youngest, or oldest, person at theInternational Meet owning the most Studebakers, who will have a representativeexample of this collection at the meet.

· A Studebaker with any kind of unique pastthat you feel will catch the eye of the reader and encourage him to read aboutit, and come to the Car Show on Saturday to see it. Or,

· YOU pick the subject line, and why it shouldappear in the supplement!

The object ofthis request is to encourage readers of the South Bend Tribune withina 2-hour radius of South Bend (Elkhart, Mishawaka, and a others) to come and see the Studebakers intown all week, attend the Car Show on Saturday May 6, and see the excitement andenthusiasm our membership shows for its cars.
We need help from our membership to pull this special issueoff, and we know there are many proud, excited Studebaker owners out there whowill be bringing unique cars to the meet.
We can't promise you your article will be in the 2017International Meet Special Supplement, but if you are bringing yourcar to the meet and it is worth a story, we'll try to get it in the Supplement.Because your car will possibly be in thesupplement, if you prefer, we'llkeep the presence of your car a secret. We can't make a promise that your carwill even BE in the supplement, but we'll try.
Send your article in Word format, and include any high-resolutionphotos of your car to:
Denny Foust
We'll compile the articles, review them and forward them onfor inclusion in their special issue. Please do not send any information directto the South Bend Tribune.


Denny Foust