Recently became aware of the passing of ND Roughrider SDC member Manny Kesler of Anamoose, ND last November:

Manny had a number of Studebakers, including a '55 V8 pickup that was restored in the late 90s. A very nice guy.

Back when I was a member of that chapter, I remember going to a meeting in Anamoose and seeing his shed and collections. I think that was the occasion I got a speeding ticket on the way home going 78 in a 55 in the middle of nowhere as I wanted to get home before it got too dark. In partial defense, my speedo was off some due to wrong sized tires but I was certainly over even to my account. About 4hrs drive from my place to Anamoose and one of the reasons I dropped out of the chapter as the meetings were always more of a drive than I was up to for a 1hr meeting.