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Thread: My Old M-5

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    My Old M-5

    I have started posting some pictures lately on stove huggers of some of my old brand X cars. I just last week found some that I thought were lost and gone. My first 53 coupe pictures were not in this group (dang). There was one, however, of my old dependable 47 M-5. I drove this truck for almost 13 years (daily), all over the southeast. It had a 2.3 1987 mustang 4 cyl. and auto transmission, with a 57 Pont. rear end. Original front axle and brakes. Power steering box from a vega. Bucket seats from a 64 Thunderbird. It served me well for a long time and I wish I had it back. Dark gray primer. This picture was taken about 1992, right before red painted wheels and new tires were put on.

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    Little do we know how much we will regret selling our earliest vehicles. Hopefully your truck is still alive and being used.

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