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Thread: WANTED Avanti II Parts

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    WANTED Avanti II Parts

    Looking for the following parts for my 1970 Avanti II

    Left and Right Front Bumper Ends Driver Quality
    1356177 hood latch dovetail complete with springs and nuts. Both sides.
    1351132 and 1351133 left and right hood latch rods and clips.
    1351014 trunk lid latch cable.
    Overhead Console With Switches And Wiring.

    The parts were MIA by the previous owners.
    All leads appreciated. Just PM me with what you have and price and as usual pic a plus.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Ive got the trunk lid latch cable. Its not on ebay yet. PM me.
    I have the front bumper parts, all three. But they're already on ebay and ready to close tomorrow. I don't know if the prices will fit wth your budget, but all three pieces are there.

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    I just picked up a 76 Avanti ll that was wreaked in the front ends both fenders , hood, windshield, and the bumper items all gone and the frame is bent, the Engine and trans were removed and sold before I got it. The rear end is going under my 66 project car along with the front brakes set up since they are Turner change over, the power steering parts will be removed and be for sale. The rear bumper was also missing along with the rear seats and I am trying to find out where they went.
    The rest of the car has a very good body and glass, front seats, good dash ect. since the frame is bent I plan on removing it for scrap and making it easier to deal with the body so anyone interested in the body and what is left let me know by PM or my e-mail address using that I can send any pictures requested...Bob
    Castro Valley,

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