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Thread: Avanti II at Mecum Dallas Today

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    Avanti II at Mecum Dallas Today

    My wife and I attended the Mecum Auction in Dallas today. The 1956 Studebaker Sky Hawk was nowhere to be found, assuming it’s on the road to its new owner. The only car spotted today that was close was this 1977 Avanti II interesting listed as a Studebaker. It appeared to be a nice car with nice paint. Only the experts can tell us if the brake booster is normally a bright blue. It did hammer for $22,000 plus fees.

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    Gorgeous Avanti!!

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    Not an expert, but I have never seen an Avanti brake booster in bright blue. Maybe it is some rebuilder's identifying color.

    To me, that is "all the money" (and then some) for a 1977 Avanti II.

    I do like the Magnum 500s (they call them "SS-style) and blackwalls. That is countered by the ugly luggage rack that is even harder to change.
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