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Thread: Allen French, aka satdoc2

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    Allen French, aka satdoc2

    Known as satdoc2 here on this forum. My father passed away on August 20th of this year.

    This was the program at his funeral. He has quite the collection of Studebakers and parts, that my mom needs to liquidate.

    Allen was born January 1st, 1941 in Pelly, Texas, now known as Baytown. He fell asleep in death on August 10th, 2016 at the age of 75. He fought hard against multiple myeloma cancer for 14 years.
    He was baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1950 in a bayou. He was appointed to serve as an elder in 1977. Among many of the privileges he enjoyed, he also served faithfully as Coordinator of the Body of Elders of the Uvalde English Congregation for 26 years.
    He is survived by his wife Nancy whom he married in 1963, and his 97-year-old mother Lucille French. He is also survived by his three sons, Randy and his wife Sonia; Woody and his wife Christine; and Dwayne. Allen had 5 grandchildren - Wesley, Jonathan, Travis, Whitney, and Wylie. Allen is also leaving behind his sister Shirley, her daughters Renee and Rachel, his nephew Jerry French, and great nephews Brandon Carrasco and Dane French.
    As many of us are well aware, Allen was quite the character with his varied interests and hobbies. He was especially known for his generosity in helping other people. He was a home builder for many years, building over 20 homes in Uvalde County. He also had experience as an auto mechanic, owned a satellite TV business for 24 years, commercial fished, made signs, and the list goes on.
    Allen had a firm belief in the Bible’s hope of the resurrection, and we look forward to seeing him strong and healthy again.

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    I am sorry for your loss.

    In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.

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    Sorry for your loss.

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    So very sorry to hear of your loss. This has been a rough year for SDC folks in Texas.
    I did not know Allen except for his many years on the Studebaker Forum. If he was active in a chapter it probably would have been the recently disbanded Hill Country Chapt., which I only met with a few times since I live in Houston as you do. If I can be of any help, feel free to let me know. I have 33 years experience with Studebakers and have expertise in postwar models and parts.

    Barry'd in Studes

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    Woody, I too am so sorry to hear of your fathers passing but we share the promised assurance that the new order will bring back so many ones that died faithfully. I'll pass this along to Kelly, another brother that used to frequent here from Lake Elsinore.
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    Sorry to hear about Allen.

    Unfortunately, I never had the privilege of meeting him or seeing his R2 GT Hawk in person. I often wondered why he stopped posting here on the Forum as much as he used to.


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    'Sorry indeed to hear of his passing, Woody. RIP, satdoc2. BP
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    Very sorry to hear this.

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    I had the privilege of getting to meet and know Allen on one of my trips to Louisiana to visit family, I sold a Studebaker to a fellow that met me near Allen's place to get his car after unloading the car I left it with Allen and went on to Louisiana and on the way home I picked up the trailer and bought a 63 GT R-1 4 speed, with air car from Allen's collection in his yard, the car was a project car and has been sold and now being restored by a friend. Allen had a few nice Studebaker's and a damage Avanti in the yard . The short time I knew Allen I knew that I had met a true guanine good guy. RIP Allen, I hope your family can take care of your Studebaker's one way of another. my prayers go out to his family..........Bob Peterson
    Castro Valley,

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    So sorry to hear. I purchased his red avanti. And was in touch with him for a while. I didn't get any email returns the last few times. Now I understand why. Sorry for your loss.
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