As Elections Coordinator, working with SDC Vice President Don Cox, I am posting a Call for Nominations for the positions indicated.

This year, nominations are being accepted for NATIONAL DIRECTORS and ZONE COORDINATORS for the following Zones: Crossroads, Northeast, Pacific Can-Am, South Central, International. The terms of office are for two years and commence April 15th 2017.

This year, nominations are being accepted for REGIONAL MANAGERS for the following Zones: Atlantic, Pacific Southwest, North Central, Southeast, Upper Mississippi Valley. The terms of office are for two years and commence April 15th 2017.

Nominees must be current SDC members living in the Zone or Region to be represented and must be willing to perform the responsibilities of the office. Incumbents who wish to continue may nominate themselves.

A NATIONAL DIRECTOR represents the Zone at the National Board Meeting, the Annual Membership Meeting, and special teleconference meetings called by the SDC President. He or she has the final authority to act in all matters concerning his or her Zone, subject to the SDC By-laws. He or she communicates with the Zone Coordinator and Regional Managers on a regular basis.

A ZONE COORDINATOR acts as liaison between the Regional Managers and National Officers. Quarterly, he or she receives membership status reports from the SDC Membership Secretary and distributes same to the Regional Managers. In the absence of the National Director for the Zone, he or she shall fill the balance of the term of office vacated. If the National Director for the Zone is unable to attend meetings, the Zone Coordinator acts as alternate. He or she coordinates scheduling of Zone Meets within his or her Zone and works with adjacent Zones to avoid any conflict in dates.

A REGIONAL MANAGER is the contact for club members in his or her Region, which may be a state, part of a state, a province, part of a province, or combination of several states/provinces. He or she receives a quarterly report of membership changes from the Zone Coordinator and distributes it to the Chapter Presidents. He or she maintains a current list of Chapters and their officers within the Region; supports the formation of new Chapters; and encourages Chapters to hold regular meetings and publish newsletters. He or she assists the Zone Coordinators in appointing committee members if needed, solving regional problems, and other duties as requested.

Nominations are to be sent by email or written letter to both of:
Don Cox, SDC Vice President
104139 Phantom Road
Meeker, OK 74855
Stu Chapman, SDC Elections Coordinator
302-100 Plains Road West
Burlington, ON
L7T 0A5


Once all nominations are received, official ballots will be generated and distributed to SDC members through Turning Wheels. All ballots must be received by April 1st 2017.

Stu Chapman