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Thread: CORRECT DATE: September 10, 2016

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    CORRECT DATE: September 10, 2016

    We are getting ready for IDYSD in North Alabama.
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    The Keystone Region Chapter will be meeting at 10:00 that morning at the "Oldest Antique Auto Museum in the U.S." The Swigart Museum in Huntingdon, PA. After touring the Museum we will take a fifty minute drive to have dinner in Duncansville, PA.
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    Midway Chapter will meet in Park City in the morning, drive to McPherson for lunch at Montana Mike's and then cruise to Chapman to tour the Kansas Auto Racing Museum.
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    Hi all,
    On September 10, 2016, the Hamilton Chapter Studebaker Drivers Club will be unveiling a plaque near the site of former Studebaker plant. The ceremony will take place at 11 a.m. in the parkette owned by the city of Hamilton at the corner of Mars Ave and Wentworth St. This will be a permanent memorial to the effect that Studebaker Canada and its employees had on the city of Hamilton. This plaque was a joint venture between the Studebaker Drivers Club, the Studebaker National Museum, the Hamilton Chapter, the Ontario Chapter and the Canadian Avanti Owners Association. The plaque is to be 3 ft. by 24 inches. Our plaque committee, and our club has worked hard on this and the plaque is beautiful. Come on out and see lots of beautiful Studebakers!!

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