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Thread: '62 Lark Dash Top Removal

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    '62 Lark Dash Top Removal

    I an attempting to replace the dash pad on my '62 Lark wagon and have not found any good instructions on how to remove the top of the dash. The shop manual discusses only removal of the entire dash assembly or just the instruments. The parts book does not show the attachment points for the dash top. I found 2 studs and nuts that attached the top to the cowl, but haven't located the other fasteners. Does anyone have a good diagram showing all the attachments? I really don't want to remove the entire dash assembly.
    Thank you for any advice you can provide.

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    You'll never get things done with the dash in the car. Simply put. There are 4 screws that retain the top half of the dash to the front cowl. There are at least 20 "blind" screws that connect the top dash to bottom half. They are concealed under the vinyl and cannot be seen without peeling things back and working from above-not on your back in a dark, cramped space.

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    If I recall correctly there are the four 1/2 or 9/16 nuts along the cowl. those you might get with a ratchet and extension. There are about 9 5/16 screws with speed nuts along the front.

    If you want to try to get the dash cap off, you should take the glove box liner and radio out first and you'll need to use a 5/16 wrench. It is easier to do the job with the radio and glove box out although you will have to work above the instruments but there are only 3 of the nine on that end.

    Oh, do not forget the four phillips screws on the window trim pieces on either side of the dash and window frame.

    It's not a hard job but you may have to sit upside down on the seat and work by feel in places

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