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Thread: Had an interesting thing happen on Drive your Studebaker day

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    Had an interesting thing happen on Drive your Studebaker day

    I am a Studebaker newbie, but thought the board might find this interesting. I had no idea that there was an official day to get the Studebaker out and drive it. Coincidentally I actually acquired my Studebaker on that very day! So while I did bring it home 30 miles on a tow dolly(almost driving it!), I did take it around the block under its own power when I got it home! So I participated in the day at least a little bit, and it was day one of my Studebaker ownership!

    The pictures below were taken about 10 minutes after I got it off the dolly. It started raining on my way home, so the car looks shinier than it is.

    photo 2.jpg photo 3.jpg

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    Looks like you scored a very nice bullet nose there. And with the coincidence of it being IDYSD you will always remember when you acquired it. Congratulations, welcome to the world of Studebakers, and I hope you have many happy times behind the wheel (whether it is IDYSD or not). Love your car!
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    You own a beautiful Studebaker, but really ANY day of the year can be 'Drive Your Studebaker Day' try to!

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