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Thread: Went solo on IDYSD 2014

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    Went solo on IDYSD 2014

    Well, I wasn't able to join in any of the organized activities last Saturday but I drive a Studebaker fairly often around town anyway.
    Still, since September 13 was set specifically as IDYSD, it's not one to miss.
    So I drove the '53 to get a haircut where it received quite a bit of attention in the parking lot. Then to the bank, then to the library to return a book. From there to a friend's house where we went for a bike ride for an hour or so.
    Then I went to another friend's body shop where I picked up his two grandchildren and took them to tour The Arboretum at Penn State, and especially the "Childhood's Gate section." (Well worth spending a free couple of hours if you are in the vicinity of State College, PA.) I dropped them off back at the shop, stopped at the distributor for a case of beer and headed for home.
    People like to see these in motion so they know they are not simply static displays.

    I didn't take car pictures that day but here's the one you saw on the inside back TW cover a couple months ago.

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    That is an awesome coupe, and I love the color. I am not at all surprised you attract so much attention. That model looks so good gliding along on the road. Like poetry.
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    I hope it was a case of Yuengling!
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