I'm about at my wits end. When the two front windows were purchased from a window installer/dealer he said his guy could help me install the front windshield for 100 bucks. I'm thinking I should have taken him up on it. My 50 Champion has the split windshield with trim inside and out. I have all three manuals that are not much help. Me and my friend put the new gasket on the work table and installed the window in the grove that has the two rubber stops--top and bottom....I'm thinking so far so good....then wrapped very thin wire around the assembly to hold the windows in the gasket......Then we placed the assembly inside the car against the body flange and tried to install the inside trim pieces in the gasket. I'm thinking I may need to flip the gasket 180 degrees. But then, what holds the small 1/4 inch trim pieces on the outside. I figured the body trim held it on. Which it would. Bob Johnstones' sight has a pictorial of a single Paine glass/gasket cutaway, that shows the gasket going over the body flange...............My question is..........Does someone out there have a cutaway pic of the gasket/window for a double windshield on a 1950 Studebaker Champion? Thank you