Hi all--

Getting a quick plug in here on the Forum before heading off to work...Saturday September 7 in Hamilton's Bayfront Park there's a car show running in conjunction with a Lincoln club meet in the city that week, and we (the Stude community) have been invited to show our cars and trucks alongside the Lincolns. Reason? This is the first time for this meet in Hamilton, and Studebaker, from 1948 to 1966, was "Hamilton's Own Car". Stu Chapman is the speaker at the meet banquet, too. I've had positive responses from several Hamilton Chapter folks already and am hoping for a Stude turnout to rival the 33-vehicle muster at the plant in October 2012, to really "wow" the Lincoln folks (coming from as far as Texas) and maybe make a Studebaker convert or two! The timing of the show is Saturday September 7 1-5pm, the location is Bayfront Park on the Hamilton waterfront. Hope to see plenty of Studes and drivers there! PM me if interested.


Steve Tournay (SDC Hamilton Chapter)