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Thread: Location of floor shift fiberglass cover plate

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    Location of floor shift fiberglass cover plate

    I'm installing a T10 in my 60 Hawk, and I was wondering if anyone could let me know the approximate dimensions for the hole in the trans tunnel for the shifter. This would be for 61 - 64 Hawks. I have the fiberglass cover piece that the boot attaches to. A picture of the hole location would be most helpful also if anyone has one.
    Thanks !

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    Cool. I just picked up a T10 and will be doing the same thing to my 55, eventually. I have the fibreglass cover and the boot. Would be nice to have a hole template. Thanks for the post.
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    I recently cut a hole in my 63 Lark Convertible for the powershift tower. Once you have the carpet out, the tower seem to be located only in one spot according to the shape of the tower and the transmission hump in the floor. Try lining them up and you will see what I mean, at least this was the case of a powershift tower but I am sure the 4 speed tower can not be much different. I have not done the final placement and screwed it down since I have not installed the drivetrain yet but I know I cannot be more than a quarter inch out either way with additional play left on the sheet metal floor along with the shifter adjustment will take up any slack easily.

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    Whatever you do don't guess as to the location because if you miss it's a real mess. Somebody on the forum who has the carpet out of a 61 to 64 hawk will eventually turn up with the correct measurements and pictures
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