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Thread: Orphan Pickup 7

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    Orphan Pickup 7

    1940 Plymouth Pickup:

    Joe Roberts
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    My next door neighbor's son was a plumber (in Beacon, NY). He had a new 1940 Plymouth pickup that he kept to at least the late 1950s. The plumber on Main Street, Fishkill, NY also had a new 1940 Plymouth that he kept for many years. He had a storefront with living quarters above and a sort of car port drive through to one side. The Plymouth used to be parked there facing out to Main Street when it wasn't out on a call. I believe that both were replaced by late 1950s Dodge pickups.
    That was when most pickups were used by tradesmen or farmers.
    I do not ever remember seeing any of them two-toned as in this picture.
    A friend of mine had two or three Plymouth pickups in more recent years. He started to make a restmod out of one of them. He had a new crate Mopar engine and transmission for it. The friend died before the pickups were finished. His father sold off the projects and I know nothing of them since.
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