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Thread: Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting for the New AME Studebaker Chassis

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    Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting for the New AME Studebaker Chassis

    Hi All,

    I recently contacted Art Morrison Enterprises to find out how long it will be before they debut the new long-wheelbase Studebaker chassis they've been dropping hints about. It looks like the client is not going to be bringing the car in for at least another year. Aside from reverse engineering the chassis, they've got other projects in the queue that need to be done first - a 1947-53 Chevy pickup air frame, a 1947-53 Chevy pickup IFS 4/bar, a 1959-64 Impala, a 1955-59 Chevy pickup, a 1953-56 Ford pickup and a 1962-67 Nova bolt on clip. They say it takes a lot of man hours just to create one frame at a time per project and then check all possible bolt in applications.

    Bottom line, they're probably still two years out.
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    I got a rust free frame from Bob Peterson in California.
    Autonauts in New Mexico has them also.(Jenkins?)
    Karkewich in South Bend might be able to help.
    I can PM their info.
    Robert Kapteyn

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    I wasn't really rushing them to get mine. If they had them ready today, all I could do is say: "Great day what a deal". As Daddy used to say "Too much candy for a dime". Tricks are only good for looks and racing. I can't afford one for either. LOL

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    Thread hijack here: would the LWB Morrison chassis fit under a 1951-58 Y body i.e. a Land Cruiser/President?

    Sold my 1962; Studeless at the moment

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