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Thread: 51 Packard for sale

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    51 Packard for sale

    I always look in the local paper's classifieds. Today there is a 1951 Packard 2301 Navy. The owner states that he has 10k invested in it & is partially restored. It has a straight 8. He's asking $6000. 843-813-8404. SC

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    use the internet to find like models so as to get a grip on pricing as per condition. I have a friend that has near 70,000 wrapped up in a totally restored 1953 Commander resto-mod that might fetch bout half on a good day. Sometimes sellers telling about money invested when pricing a car is not worth your effort in your listening. 10.000 will buy a fine 51 Packard. Not all the models but some. It's a buyers market for some of the 50's Packards. Check 'em out on the net and learn not to get burned. Check e bay current listings and completed listings. Fact is that people that are in the market for certain 50's Packards are a diminishing bunch. They are fine cars. Theres a 56 4 door Clipper here locally by me with an asking price of 15 G. It needs nothing. It can be had for much=much less. Packard Convertibles are pricey though. cheers jimmijim

    check out this 56 {}
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