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Thread: 58 Packard restomod....Please don't shoot me..

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    That's "doily". You remember the things they put on the back of chairs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roscomacaw View Post
    Studebaker's V8 brakes (from 1954 thru 1966) are very good. Read that VERY good. If you're planning on road racing this wagon, then going to discs would be necessary. If you're worried about the occassional panic stop, what you've got will serve youi well - assuming it's in good shape of course. All the stuff to make them like new is readily available - lots of it from local auto parts stores, no less. Of course, it's your car - and money.
    BTW, I owned one of these in the mid 70s. I loved it's outlandish styling. Sadly, even tho it's still around - it's now only good for parts.
    I can vouch for this - and we regularly drive in SAN FRANCISCO!
    As long as you keep them adjusted properly and flush the fluid every year or two, you'll be in good shape.
    One mod I do recommend is a dual master cylinder.
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