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Thread: Glue for gluing hood insulator

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    Glue for gluing hood insulator

    Usually I would use contact cement for gluing interior vinyl, but I purchased a Hood Insulator from S.I. for the hood of my 62 Hawk. I am in the process of reinstalling the rebuilt engine and while I have the hood off, decided to install the Hood Insulator and don't want it to fall down within a week. What have others used for such an intallation and what type is recommended?

    As always, thanks in advance to everyone.
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    I worked in an auto glass shop for some years, and we always used 3M Yellow Weatherstrip Adhesive when we wanted anything to stay put on cars. The 3M yellow develops a stronger bond than the black.
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    3M Super Trim Adhesive part number 08090 is designed for exactly that appliication.

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    On my cars I have used a gasket cement from Catipillar that is known as "Cat Green"......used the last of what I had a couple years ago so I dont remember the part # but it holds like a son-of-a-gun & is good with the heat from the engine on the underhood insulator.
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    Hi mike,

    Don't forget that the insulator is offset to the right side to avoid the battery. I used contact glue (a lot!) for mine. Adhesion seems strong but I still need a road test.
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    I just installed a new insulator from S-I on my 56J after my first one started to shred after 15 years! I used the yellow 3M contact cement both times. The first one was a bear to scrape off and the old cement was as good as new.

    According to S-I, mount the fabric side to the hood with the fiberglas showing. Remember to offset the insulator to the driver's side. Someone once posted the approximate mounting dimensions, either here or on Frank Ambrogio's site.

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    The 3M 08090 mentioned above is what worked for the insulator on our '62 Hawk. That was 5 years ago and it looks like it was applied yesterday.
    Following the residual patch left by the old one, it was a perfect fit in the original position about 4-5 inches from the rear edge of the hood, mounted straight, with the forwrd left corner of the insulator about 7-8 inches from the LEFT side of the hood at the closest point.

    I've heard of offsets to either side, so I just followed what I knew to be the original on this particular car.
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