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Thread: Orphan of the Day, 04-12, 1964 Pontiac Bonneville

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    Orphan of the Day, 04-12, 1964 Pontiac Bonneville

    I believe an Embassy body on this one:

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8E45E View Post
    I believe an Embassy body on this one:
    To shuttle the brass? Certainly not attractive as a parade car. The passenger access design is harsh. Perhaps even armored.

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    Of all the cars I've owned the one I would most want back is my '64 Bonneville. My Dad bought it new and gave it to me when I graduated high school. I drove that car for years and many miles. At a steady 75 mph that 389 4-barrel would give 25mpg. When it was new my Dad had plastic covers installed over the upholstery and the covers were still there when I sold the car sometime in the early '90s. The upholstery was still new under the plastic.

    I was run off the road by a driver who failed to stop for a stop sign and went into a creek. It took two tow trucks to drag the car say the least it was never the same again. The fellow I sold the car to only wanted it for the engine.

    It was the best car any company ever bolted together as far as I'm concerned.
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    I think this car is possibly a "flower car" used by funeral directors. Craig would know since it's his picture & no doubt remembers it. The back half (trunk) area would be open ala El Camino style in a way. 64 was a great year for Pontiac. I remember a Grand Prix of that vintage that was the ride of Joey Jembarowitz. He worked in the parts dept. of the dealership where I had my first job after high school. That car was so clean! I mean REALLY CLEAN. He would wax the frame & the underside of the car was as it had rolled off the car carrier when new. Joey sold it to a good friend of mine in 1966 when he got a GTO.
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