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Thread: Another Super Oil Deal: Valvoline

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    Another Super Oil Deal: Valvoline

    Valvoline just announced a Super Oil Deal to promote their NextGen 50/50 new/recycled oil that has been on the market for some time. (I've used it because of previous super rebate offers and it seemed to do just fine...and the rebates have all arrived "as advertised.")

    Anyway, they have the following deal going on through May 31:

    1. Take a gallon of used oil to O'Reilly's, Pep Boys, or Advance Auto Parts.

    2. Turn in the used oil.

    3. Buy 5 quarts or a 5 Liter jug of Valvoline NextGen oil; your choice of weights.

    4. Send in the receipt and rebate form available at the retailer.

    5. Get a $20 Gift Card to be used at that retailer.

    Now, I don't know about Pep Boys or Advance, but O'Reilly's sweetens this deal even more: They are offering a related "combo deal" sale of a 5 Liter jug of NextGen and one of their own generic MicroGuard house brand oil filters for $20.99, total.

    Now that's a helluva deal: In the end, you pay only the sales tax on $20.99 plus .99 plus a stamp (total in Indiana, for example: $3.90) and for that $3.90 net, you have a 5 Liter jug of oil and a filter for your late-model vehicle's next oil change.

    Also, you can do this twice per household, so you can get TWO $20 Gift Cards and have oil and filter for two changes for about $4 each, depending on your state's sales tax.

    It's a good deal all around; I'm doing two right away. (Perhaps others will post if they find another combo deal going at Pep Boys or Advance.) BP

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    Nice heads up BP

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    Egg-Zackly what I needed! That 100-year oil in my 'new' Olds Silhouette has found a new home!!


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