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Thread: Orphan of the Day, 04-11, 1963 Morris Mini Traveller

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    Orphan of the Day, 04-11, 1963 Morris Mini Traveller


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    Another one of my favorites! I heard of a guy way back that had one just like this with all the Cooper S stuff on it.
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    Those mini-Suburban rear doors are as cute as lace pants. I saw one in the Sixties (at Antioch, where else?) and was in love for years. But, inviting as it may seem, do not let anybody tell you that a rock'n'roll band's equipment will all fit in there. Even if these and Marshalls did come out about the same time.

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    When I was stationed in the UK about 25 years ago, a neighor in the BOQ had a small business buying those and shipping them to the US. He must have done that to 3-4 while I was there.
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