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Thread: Studes in Roadside Americana photos

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    Guys, one of our older friends back in the 80's saw us at a car show somewhere that I can't remember, and came over to us waving so we would not help but be able to see him. He said, "Johnny, I have found the ugliest car in the world and have been searching for one I could afford for years, come on, I want you to see it !".... Yep, a 4 door shark-nosed Graham was what he led us over to. When we got there, he said "isn't it beautiful?".... We laughed and told him we would reserve comments, and he told us that he had never seen anything so beautiful that was that ugly, ha ! ( he was unable to get the owner to sell it ) One of our pals here in Hawaii has a 38 Willys that is a very close contender for the ...uh...title though. Since he has a hopped up Mazda rotary in it, it is quite a handful. ( been in his family with various engines since the 40's, and the fenders are cut open from when his dad used to hill-climb with it in competition ) STUDEBAKER CONTENT; He said that his Dad had early Studebakers as the family car too.

    Clark, if this violates the page rules, kindly remove it for me. jb
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    The abbreviated front, and cut out rear, fenders on that Willys are not correct are they?

    OOPS sorry, just caught the part about hill climbs!

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