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Thread: Studes in Roadside Americana photos

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    Yep Greenstude, Dutch plate beside a Belgium one... my Dutch pals asks me from time to time "what's it with swedes & American cars?" & I reply "what's it with Dutch & bad memory? look at old photos ye hippies!"
    & the funny thing is that look'n at this thread there's quite some Dutch pix but not many swedish...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Studedude View Post
    I guess he never raced Ted Harbit then!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by r1lark View Post
    I guess he never raced Ted Harbit then!!
    Check the year cited in the ad, Paul: 1959. Ted Harbit and his Studebaker (a 1951 Commander Convertible; "Teacher's Pet") weren't yet in national competition. Teacher's Pet was runner-up at the 1961 National Drags. That inspired Ted to get a lighter '51 that would still "make" that class, for the 1962 National Drags.

    That lighter car, a Starlight Coupe, was christened The Chicken Hawk. Together, they won their class at the 1962 NHRA National Drags and "the legend" was underway.

    I'm not sure where that Sanders-Flanigan team was then, but I think I've heard Ted mention them. BP
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