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Thread: Vehicle of the day 1954 Dodge Royal 500

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    Vehicle of the day 1954 Dodge Royal 500

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    Believe it or not, I have it on good authority from a freind of many years who is not a BSer, that one of these 1954 Dodge Pace Cars is been rusting away into oblivion at an old junk yard in Modoc IN, on the corner of U.S. 36 and Indiana State Road One.

    I passed that yard this winter when investingating a nice 1964 Galaxie convertible for sale in a nearby town. I noted the age of the yard and the plethora of really old cars in it and mentioned it to my friend when shooting the breeze. He was aware of the yard and had explored it decades ago, having seen the Dodge. He had no reason to believe it wasn't still there, since the old guy wouldn't sell anything and what was there was hardly worth rescuing...but by now, the Dodge would only be a serial number plate and bits and pieces from which to build a clone from a drier body located elsewhere. BP
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    This one was in the Imperial Palace Museum in 1989:


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    While it is not a Royal 500, I really would like to own this particular 54 Dodge Royal sedan. Astute viewers will note the extremely rare option of Airtemp air conditioning.

    Airtemp air conditioning in Dodge V8 sedans was first offered in 1953. It was a mid-year option. I bet this is just as rare as air conditioning is in the 55-58 Studebaker V8 sedans.

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    Well... since we're talking Dodges, I like these better:

    dodg5801a.jpgdodg5801b.jpgThat's a '58 Regal Lancer.

    There's a sedan and Wagon side-by-side in a carport at Big M's in Williams. They must be the owner's pride and joy as they're both perfect! I like them because they're blue. Too bad they're Dodges. Can't drive them regularly as parts aren't too very easy to come by.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clonelark View Post
    My folks had a '54 Coronet with Red Ram and Powerflite. I had a '53 with the Red Ram and Gyromatic. Those were bulletproof engines, but pretty heavy. We used to talk about "blowing the cobs out". My '53 was running a little rough one time when I had just left Topeka, Kansas on I-70. I put my foot to the floor and kept it there for about 50 miles. Ran great after that.

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