Real neat site. The link is for the early days of Supers, when creativity was king; eveybody had their own ideas, which led to some oddball contraptions! These guys had mechanical genius, real talent, and a crazy lack of fear They were true titans and warriors, and lived life fast and hard. Many I knew personally, and they were my heroes as a kid. Most are gone now, replaced by rich kids with store-bought race cars. Great folks in their own right, just different.

You can see a neat mix of homemade stuff, and ex-Indy racers in various stages of conversion. Elsewhere on the site you can see other types of racers too, but the Supers are dear to me, as well as some of the greats I know/have known, like Nolan Swift, Jimmy Shampine, and Stormin' Norman Mackereth. Take a trip to the past, and enjoy!