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Thread: Interesting Cooling Fan find Leads to Better Solution

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    Interesting Cooling Fan find Leads to Better Solution

    I've seen here on the difficulty of finding the right adapters and most efficient cooling fans for bolt on ease.
    I just got around to inspect what my 57 Silver Hawk had on it from the Nevada desert which turns out to be a early fiberglass fan and an aluminum hub adapter S-008 made by Flex-A-Lite 25 years ago.

    A quick phone call to their tech help and a search at I was recommended to trash the old fiberglass unit for safety. I gave him all the measurements and turns out they have all the solutions.

    The hub part #876 allows for a 1" hub so on a stude you would need to turn it out to 1-1/16" - an easy fix.. This hub already had that treatment so I don't have to do anything there.
    As for the proper flex-fan - perfect match. The FlexALite 1818. 18-1/4 diamater, 2-1/2" projected width creates a constant high static pressure, low noise movement of air as it's 7 blades. I found it for only $48 at Summit Racing.

    Well one less thing to worry about and I hope I could help someone find the right fan. They have a huge selection of electric fan set-ups too as they claim to be the pioneer of these.

    They also sell a easy to mount heater unit to simplify the stock set-up..
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    Great info! I hope you don't mind, but I posted it on my blog as well. Thanks for the awesome research!
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