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Thread: Wiring 1962 Hawk Tachometer

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    Wiring 1962 Hawk Tachometer

    I just received a new Tach sending unit from Stude Int'l., No. 1555474R. Unfortunately, half of the writing on the back of the instruction was not copied and so I can't figure out what the instructions are trying to warn me about!! Does anyone have these instructions in their entirety that could scan them and send them to me. I had wanted to install the sending unit in the car tomorrow, but obviously can't without the instruction. I looked at Ray Lin's instructions, but they are apparently not for the same unit. This replacement unit apparently is not hooked up the same as the original unit.... HELP!!!

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    Laisez le bon temps roulez avec un Studebaker

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    I have a sending unit from Dave T bow for my 62 GT and I think the instructions have the "cautions" you are looking for. If I can get to the garage tonight I'll contact you.

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    The used 1962 GT tachometer that I bought consisted of the tach, a rectangular unit that all the wiring came out of and sealed with some sort of plastic, a small junction, and the wiring. Photos shown.
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