A few of you have expressed interest in this project that I am working on for the '55. I have also posted these pictures in the Racing Forum as well. So far here is the work that was done to push this forward:

The manifold is the late style manifold. These things can be found literally everywhere and can be had for pennies. I chose this route because, just like some of my HO engines, I wanted a mass produced part whereas if I mess up, it's not a big loss and I am able to find another relatively easily. The rails and the injectors are off of Ebay. They are basically aluminum blanks that can be milled, drilled, tapped, etc. The bungs are made for a fairly standard size injector. The rails are somewhat larger, which I'll have to adapt later on. I believe they are in the 11/16 range diameter, and can support 1100 hp. What I did was drill a hole in each port, and I used a jig I fashioned to angle them at the valve. For a street application this is probably overkill(however I like going the extra step with this stuff, lol). The bungs have to line up precisely, which is why I used a jig and guide plate as the rails and injectors are all in line with each other.
I used some Ford 33lb injectors that came off of a Towncar, and its accompanying throttle body. This is somewhat important, matching injectors and throttle body to the engine. Too small and the engine will lean out too early from lack of fuel. Too big and you could inadvertently wash down the cylinders and kill the motor. Both the injectors and manifold came off of the Towncar's 4.6L engine, and its a standard widely used injector, so for the time being I won't presume any leaning or power problems will erupt when its coupled to the 289. For simplicity sake I just mounted the throttle body atop the mounting flange using a spacer. The only thing is the Ford emblem is flipped upside down because this particular throttle body mounts to the end of a TPI type of manifold with the throttle body pointing forward. It still does the job nonetheless.
For a fuel pump, I am going to either get a Walbro unit or I can chase down an Econoline external pump as they should have enough pressure to handle the injectors. I may not be able to use the Holley carb electric fuel pumps as the pressure is too low. I will also need a regulator and some gauges to adjust the pressure, and the lines will be steel and high pressure rubber line. I am also still aways off from getting the Megasquirt unit and the sensors, so for now we're still gradually acquiring parts and pieces. [8D]

I cheated a little when I drilled out the bungs and rails. I have some of my grandparents machinist tools and measuring devices, which means I have tools that most of the populace has long forgotten about, so I had access to some very big drill bits to get the job done. The work was also pretty physical as this was done using not much more than a drill press and a hand drill.