Registered Forum Members are invited to post a picture of Studebakers they currently own. In order to keep this "online car show" manageable, here are the rules for posting:

1. It is permissible to post replies to comment on a member's vehicle. However, if you wish to engage the owner in a discussion about the vehicle and/or ask questions, etc. please start a new topic in the "General Discussion" forum.

2. Post only a couple of photos of your Studebaker. If you have more than one Studebaker, you can post a couple of photos of each in the same post.
(The reasoning is that we want the pages to load as fast as possible for those many members who use dial-up Internet. The more photos on a page, the slower it loads and makes it more difficult for users to "browse" through the pages. Of course, if you have an online photo album, please include that link in your post so folks can view all of your photos if they wish).

3. For your heading, put your username and year/model of the vehicle(s) posted. Example: "BShaw, 1960 Hawk". If you are displaying several, perhaps list one and add an "and more" after it (to keep the heading short).

4. If you add or change vehicles, go to your own post and use the "edit topic" feature to add or change the photo.

5. If you do not know how to post a photo read this:

6. Please keep your photo(s) a reasonable size, no larger than 6" or 7" wide @ 72 dpi.

7. You may use your standard forum signature and it would be nice if you included some brief information about the vehicle(s) displayed...including your city/state (province/country, etc.) if not already in your signature.


60 Hawk. 49 2R5, 39 Champion
Woodbury, Minnesota