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Thread: 38 commader u joints

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    38 commader u joints

    im having trouble finding u joints for my 38 commander, these are quite wierd looking if you havent seen them !
    anyways does anyone know where i can come up witha pair of them, or what do i use to switch over to a more modern style?

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    There should be a post over at Antique Studebaker Club about a more modern set. Those were actually superceded because they were as awkward as they look!

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    Quote Originally Posted by (S) View Post
    There should be a post over at Antique Studebaker Club...
    Just for clarification; the Antique Studebaker Club does not operate that forum. It is the Studebaker, Rockne, Erskine sub page of the Antique Automobile Club of America Forum.
    Rick Peterson, who owns and maintains the ASC web site has simply included it as a link in his site. The ASC doesn't even operate or maintain Rick's site. He does it out of his own enthusiasm and generosity.

    But I would highly recommend anyone who owns a pre-war Studebaker or M Series truck become a member of the ASC.
    And, now that I've sufficiently hijacked Todd's thread, let's help him find those u-joints.

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    See my answer to Todd's post over at the AACA Studebaker thread.
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