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    Bruce Wheeler

    At 5:15 this evening, we lost Bruce Wheeler, longtime member of SDC, ASC, and Southern Arizona Chapter. Bruce had been active, attending meetings until just recently.

    Bruce loved his Studebaker(s). He kept everything from all the National Meets he attended. Several of his cars were featured on many Turning Wheels covers: 1963 Wagonaire 9 Passenger, 1933 Rumble Seat Coupe with dual sidemounts, and his 1939 Coupe Express. He had recently drove his 1964 Avanti at a chapter board meeting.

    His wit and comments were always good for a laugh. He would come up to me and say "How is my favorite person?" I would usually come back with "Where is Maggie?" They had recently celebrated there 68th Anniversary.

    Bruce will be missed but not forgotten. Our sympathies to Maggie and the family.

    Bob Miles
    Pacific Southwest Zone Coordinator

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    So sorry to hear of this, Bob; Bruce was a great of the most consistently-friendly guys in SDC.

    Condolences and all the best to Maggie and their family. BP
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