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Thread: '51 windshield washer nozzle

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    '51 windshield washer nozzle

    I believe there were windshield washer nozzles that mounted on the cowl in '51 but I've never seen one. Does anyone have a car with one and could they possibly take a picture of it and mention if it works well. Does it shoot two sprays of water and is it adjustable as to where the sprays hit the glass? How does it adjust? Does anyone have a part number for the nozzle?

    I've used VW Beetle nozzles on several cars and they work really well and are very adjustable to put the water right where you need it, but they are pretty identifiable as coming from a VW. A factory nozzle would be good, especially if it works well.

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    The nozzle is part # 531892. SI had it listed in the last catalog I got in 2014 for $35.

    $19.50 at Stephen Allen's.

    I have it on both my '51 and my '53. It's a tall chrome plated hex fitting with two embedded nozzle beads that can be rotated to direct the spray; and works as well as any did back in the 1950s.
    Here it is on the cowl of my '53. P4290052.jpg
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