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Thread: USS Hornet wreck found

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    USS Hornet wreck found

    The late Paul Allen's underwater explorers found the aircraft carrier USS Hornet near the Solomon Island chain. The Hornet carried and launched the Doolittle Raiders and participated in the Battle of Midway before going down as a result of damage incurred during the Battle of Santa Cruz.

    Notice the International Harvester tractors still on the hanger deck.

    Since they are in the area, perhaps they can find the USS Wasp.

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    Very cool!
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    Amazing how the lettering on the International Harvester tug is so clear.

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    Ballard's crew went into "Ironbottom Sound" (Sealark Channel) off Guadalcanal some years back and mapped and explored many of the over on hundred ships sunk there during the Solomons Campaign...but I'm sure that area which is more confined is also much shallower than the open ocean area where the Hornet was sunk.

    More power to the late Paul Allen and his team for continuing the search for such historic ships.
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    I watched a segment about this last night. They had on a man in his 90s who was on the Hornet when the order to abandon ship was given. They were able to put the RV near the machine gun station he had been at during the battle and he pointed on the monitor to the spot he was standing when the orders came. He said with a laugh there was still $40 in his locker down below deck they could have.

    Jeff in ND

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