So a few weeks ago I posted about my search for a disc brake conversion... Last weekend I had something new happen. During a long cruise around town with a friend my brake pedal went to the floor while coming up to a red light. Talk about a butt hole puckering OH **** moment!! I panicked and pulled into a parking lot that was thankfully close by. No brakes, Parking brake didn't work, rolled in a circle motion until I stopped. Got out, no leaks, was able to "pump up" the brake pedal until I had a pedal again. Carefully and slowly drove it back home. Happened one other time on the way home. But again, I was able to "pump the pedal" after the pedal went to the floor.

With no leaks, that only thing I can think of is maybe a seal inside the master cylinder is leaking by ???? Has anyone ever encountered this?? The car is still drum brakes all the way around