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Thread: Muscle Car books with actual Studebaker content

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    Muscle Car books with actual Studebaker content

    This may be "old news" to some of you, but I don't always keep up with such books.
    In Hagerstown, MD there is a big store (Ollie's) that deals in overstocks, closeouts and such. They always have a lot of books of all sorts so sometimes I just check them out. This time I found and bought two books both dealing with muscle cars. One, "Muscle & Chrome, Classic America Cars", published in 2018, lists cars from a 1948 Ford up to 1971 Plymouth GTX. The first Studebaker is a 1948 Commander convertible, two pages with nice pictures and what appears to be accurate information. Next was a very stock 1953 Commander Starliner with two pages, good pictures and what appeared to be good data. The last Studebaker is a 1963 R-2, four speed red Avanti, again with nice pictures and fairly accurate data. The book also featured a 1953 Packard Caribbean convertible. The book even included a Tucker. A 166-horsepower engine was pretty good for 1948.
    The other book, "Muscle Cars, A Legacy of American Performance", published in 2017, featured a 1963 R-2 GT Hawk, four pages with very nice pictures (except for non-stock wheels). The second Studebaker, also featured, is Nelson Bove's one and only factory R-3 non-Avanti, a 1964 Studebaker Commander. Also four pages with nice pictures and decent explanation.

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    I like Ollies.
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    Is there any info anywhere about the quickest Studebaker Car or Truck without a blower?

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    Quote Originally Posted by (S) View Post
    Is there any info anywhere about the quickest Studebaker Car or Truck without a blower?
    If one includes the Packard engined '56 Golden Hawk, there are dozens of articles.
    Excluding the '56 Golden Hawk, I only know of one, the Car Life Magazine Road Test of the one off 1964 R-4 Daytona.
    Beyond that, pretty much a vacuum as far as Studebaker factory produced vehicles.
    Holman-Moody modified '59 Lark's for racing at Sebring, but being race specials there are no road tests, or much information. However, private owners have produced some VERY quick and impressive naturally aspirated Studebaker race cars over the years.
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    Agreed on Ollie's. Sometimes incredible book bargains. BP
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