Hmmmm. Some of these were pretty bad, but, of the two on the list that I have owned:

The Corvair was a pretty good car, except for the huge rear weight bias. You had to watch it on wet roads, or it would head for the ditch tail first. Top 50 worst? Naw.

I still own A 1996 Fleetwood. At 145K miles, it's been one of the most trouble free cars I've owned. Clumsy around town, but you can load up 5 people, fill the trunk, and cruise down the Interstate all day at 90 mph in complete quiet and comfort. I've never owned a better long distance car. I intend to drive it forever. Top 50 worst? No way, Jose.

And the original Lotus Elite's on the list? Huh? We lovers of British cars would sell our Mama for one.

And the Model T makes 50 worst? Shucks, the T put everyone on wheels, and built much of America.

This list is good for a laugh when you've got time to waste.