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Thread: '51 Starlight rear window trim

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    '51 Starlight rear window trim

    Did any of the '47-'52 Starlights offer stainless steel trim that fit into the rubber gaskets around the rear windows, similar to the thin stainless trim used around the windshield? The vertical spacers between the four glass panels have polished trim, but how about around the glass? Thanks.

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    Based on looking at a bunch of pictures, I would say no. You would have to refer to the parts books to see if it was ever offered, but I don't remember seeing that feature.

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    No. Only the vertical bars were stainless.
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    Very simply, NO. Those windows are installed from the inside, pulling the seal to the outside of the window frame. There is no way to pull chrome or stainless through the hole that is smaller then the seal.
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    Only on the 47 Champions, and only up to body number 500. Discontinued after that. So, very early production only.
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