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Thread: Is Flex Glue better than JB Weld, Gorilla & Loctite? Let's find out!

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    Is Flex Glue better than JB Weld, Gorilla & Loctite? Let's find out!

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    Have used JB Weld for decades... Amazing stuff.
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    Friend of mine is a drag racer and Super Stock Champion on multiple occasions at Beaver Springs. He once had a cracked block and JB Welded it together. Made multiple winning runs for a couple more years before he sold the engine to someone else.

    That said, while the video is informative, I doubt any one of these products is intended for every possible application, with each of them suitable for their own applications.
    I might Flex Glue or Flex Seal a screen door to the bottom of a boat But I wouldn't use any of these on a cylinder head that may someday need taken apart. That's what gaskets are for.

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    I have to admit I've never purchased any JB weld, but I sure will now....what an interesting test.
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    I use PC7 a lot. I wish he had included it in his tests.
    I watch a lot of his videos. Not very scientific, but interesting.
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