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Thread: Update - Death not at Packard Plant

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    Update - Death not at Packard Plant

    Seems the police in Detroit don't know their Automotive History, death was not at the Old Packard Plant but at the abandoned Grand Trunk Warehouse and Cold Storage facility which is 2 miles west of the Packard Plant. Sadly when Detroit has so many abandoned structures it is hard for the authorities to keep them all straight.

    My son and I have driven by the ruins of the Packard Plant when we were in Detroit for the Dream Cruise but quite frankly were afraid to stop for any length of time because of the neighborhood, I can't imagine who thought the Packard Plant would be a good spot to go after midnight to play hide and seek. Fell down an elevator shaft.
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    Its not exactly "The Locked Room" to keep trespassers out: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...-in-a-good-way


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    According to the update at the top of the article, the police have corrected the location of the death. It was not at the Packard building, but actually at a different building about a mile away.
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    Packard plant address is on East Grand Blvd. The plant is located just south of the Edsel Ford Freeway, west of Concord Street and east of the RR tracks.

    Just north of the freeway is the ruins of the former Gemmer Steering Gear plant and just north of Gemmer is the huge GM plant that is slated to be closed soon.

    The fellow that fell down an elevator shaft, did not die at the Packard plant.

    He died at another abandoned industrial ruin that Detroit has no shortage of, the Grand Trunk RR warehouse and cold storage facility.
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    did he fall or was thrown? (key the evil music)

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