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Thread: 2 dead cylinders dead, after simple upgrade

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    Is the cap seated properly on the distributor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadioRoy View Post
    The Pertronix has been operating in that car just fine for more than ten years. It could be damaged now, but it was not part of the carburetor/manifold swap.

    Likewise, the car was running fine before the carburetor/manifold swap. That means something happened during the carburetor/manifold swap.

    That means the heads/valves are probably OK and suggestions of taking them apart will only lead to more work and the possible/probable introduction of secondary problems.

    Manifold vacuum is different than ported vacuum, as christophe already mentioned.
    The original 1st Generation Pertronix has been known to fail if the ignition is left on (but the engine is not running) in as little as 30 seconds. So, with everything that goes on when doing work on a car it is quite possible to inadvertently leave the ignition on.

    I'm a little confused..., in post #7 it is stated that a couple of plugs were replace without any change. Then in post #40 it is stated that new plugs were installed and the popping out the exhaust went away. What does this mean??? Does this now indicate that the problem went beyond the #4 and #7 cylinders not firing? It was stated (recently, post #40) that the plugs were "worn". Does this mean the greater problem was trying to be diagnosed without the knowledge that the plugs are at least suspect as to their condition? Replacing the plugs was suggested in post #5 and #19. It seems like the dog is chasing its tail.

    Also unless I missed something (please let me know if I did) there was no statement that the ignition timing had been checked. The 14 in. of vacuum (post #29) can be indicative of a retarded ignition timing. It seems strange to get a steady vacuum (again post #29) if there are leaks, dead cylinders, bent push rods etc.

    Looking forward to post #43 and all being well - I hope.
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