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Thread: 57 GH oil guage fitting I found at McMasterCarr

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    57 GH oil guage fitting I found at McMasterCarr

    I am replacing the oil guage fitting hard line on a friends GH. He had Changed it over to an aftermarket guage and a plastic line. I decided to build a new copper line that would fit to the flex hose and go to guage like the original. I was having a hard time finding the 1/8" tube fitting needed to go into the guage fitting, found one on McMaster Carr and it just came in. Fits exactly as planned.
    Tube Fitting number 50815K102
    In case anyone out there are doing the same-----
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    Thank you very much for that Kerry!

    Special Items like this are getting difficult to find as everything is converted to Metric, Plastic and who knows what, on Newer Cars.

    I always File these helpful Forum tips in a Folder on my "C" Drive for future use by my Sons and I, very handy when you need them.
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