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Thread: Wow a George Barris Wannabe Got Hold of This Stude

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    Wow a George Barris Wannabe Got Hold of This Stude

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    It's been in the magazines...
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    Probably the closest Stude custom to our '53 I have seen. Pics in signature.

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    ...what a pretty dash board!

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyway View Post
    ...what a pretty dash board!
    There's a lot I like about that car. The roof, all the glass, the doors, the hood and trunk lid, the steering wheel, the dash, the bumpers, the engine. I don't care so much for the rest of it.
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    I've never been a fan of customs with the more radical changes, like those headlight surrounds. However, in the context of when it was built it is not too bad.
    With a full restoration the car would turn heads and make some guys drool..........But I still wouldn't want to own it.

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    I have seen frenched headlamps before but those are the deepest ever.

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    If I were going to modify a car, I would start with something ugly, and try to make it more appealling. In this case, they did the opposite.

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    I don't see any front turn signals, are they hidden somewhere, or are the fog lights also being used for that?


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    George was a businessman. He was noted for top notch workmanship and for completing projects. -A rare quality in the '50s and '60s, a time when most 'restyling' projects ended up with a quick visit to the junkyard and into the crusher, to be replaced by Detroit's latest dream chariot.
    And as they say, 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. One must remember that on many Barris crafted vehicles, the paying customer provided the ideas and directions of what they wanted Barris to transform into their personal vision of uniquely sculptured metal.
    With privately owned vehicles, the paying customers tastes and choices are always right.
    Just saying, if you see something that appears awkward on a Barris built vehicle, or any that were so modified under 'contract' work, it is not always the Kustomizer himself that was responsible for the ...aesthetics of his creations. Not that George didn't turn out a few turkeys of his own, it was after all the '50 and 'Jet Age' tastes were yet evolving.
    Nothing really stating who performed the modifications on this one, the owner or a paid craftsman.
    Whatever, it is a unique memorial to styling excesses of the Fabulous Fifties unlikely ever to be recreated, and as such should be restored and preserved in all of its glory.

    I once had a customer with a gorgeous show quality Corvette, he came to me wanting octopus's, squids, fish and various sea life painted all over it. Because .....
    a 'Corvette' is a type of sailing ship. I ended up making him a nice license plate with a Corvette sailing ship on it. Some guys would have just taken his money and utterly screwed up a nice Corvette.
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    Like the wheel covers.
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