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Thread: Hood springs on a '39 Studebaker Commander or President

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    Hood springs on a '39 Studebaker Commander or President

    Can anyone on here provide a clear picture of where the hood springs attach on each end of the spring for a '39 Commander or President? There are two very-closely spaced holes on the hinge at the top, but I cannot see where the other end of the spring would go.

    A shot of the hood, open and the hood closed with the springs in-place would help me immensely.

    Thank you.

    Denny Foust

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    right or wrong, this is where my springs have always been. It uses the upper of the two holes and attaches to the hole in the firewall. Same for both sides. I can see where there is some confusion where they connect...especially the lower end...first impression is that hole in the firewall is not a spring holder.


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