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Thread: Halogen headlight bulbs

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    Halogen headlight bulbs

    Does anyone have any experience using 6-volt halogen headlights in an early 50s Champion? I've always been a fan of the European (Hella, Cibie) H4 headlights because of the pattern of light they project and the way they put the light in just the right places. I realize the halogen bulbs draw more current than normal American headlights; what I'm wondering is if the stock headlight switch in my '5l Champion will handle that extra current without overheating, or if I should use a relay to send power to the lights. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Go with relays. I used this as a guide when I put H4s in my 914. Haven't done my 52 yet but someday? Just have to watch polarity for + ground.
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    What Garry said, definitely go with relays. When I owned my ‘55 Commander wagon, I went with H4 bulbs and wired them in using NOS Delco 6 volt relays, part number 1116789. There are usually a handful on eBay. When it was done, that car had the brightest 6 volt headlights I’ve ever seen on a Stude.

    I’ve got another pair of relays for the ‘51 but I’m waiting until I replace the wiring harness before I put them in.

    Another thing to consider, 1951-52 headlight switches are extremely scarce, and expensive if you can find them. Putting less current through the switch would be a good idea regardless of which bulbs you’re running.

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    Why not use the Cibie housings and put H4 compatable LED bulbs into them? That way no rewiring, and less draw on the heaslight switch than even stock bulbs.
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