Long story short, I picked up a 1960 5E6 Champ the other day. Christmas present to myself I guess. After an extremely difficult loading and towing process, the champ is at the workshop. The previous owner used some parts that were in better condition on his Champ, but swapped everything out, so it's very complete. Some assembly required. Not too rusty. It's from Montana originally.

It has a Commander 6, 4 Speed, TT, Climatizer, Sliding rear window. No radio. When I brought it into the shop the engine was stuck, but after a soak in marvel and "gently" rocking it back and forth, it came loose. Then after a lot more tinkering there was spark and rotation, and finally, once I got some gasoline into the carb, it fired and idled. It will need a lot of work, but I'm not trying to have a beauty queen. Rather, I will use it as a truck for hauling plywood and things for the house, while the Lark is getting ready for paint.

Why do they keep following me home?