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Thread: 1955 President Speedster P/S Rebuild

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    1955 President Speedster P/S Rebuild

    Hi everyone,

    It seems that my power steering pump has finally bit the bullet and needs some love and attention. Its leaking behind the pulley, I haven't quite dived into it yet just wanted to get an idea on price, and maybe go ahead and order the kit and rebuild the pump while I am home from school.

    Anyway, can someone tell me if I have a "type A" or "type B" pump? 1955 President Speedster 259 ci. I have found some rebuild kits, seals, gaskets, hoses. I want to make sure I am looking at the right rebuild kit for my car.

    Much appreciative!

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    I think the type "A" has the return line on the pump body, and the type "B" is on the reservoir.
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    I just re-sealed one. Take the pulley off and remove seal. You the have the dimensions of the shaft and bore;,your part store can then easily supply the correct seal.

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    I just sealed mine and obtained the seal from NAPA.

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